Lace Art Creations - Lace Originals by Lorraine Morison
For Australia, Pacific and East Asia, please use the Order Form and we will contact you with the correct shipping amount.  Our shopping cart interface only allows us to set up one rate for shipping, depending on the total value of the order.  We have used this method to set the rates for USA, Canada, UK, Europe and rest of world.
Shipping estimates for customers using the Order Form
Weight        No of packets    Australia       Pacific and       USA, Canada, UK,
                                                                          East Asia     Europe, rest of world
Up to 50gm          1             AUD02.10       AUD03.95         AUD05.95
51-125gm              2             AUD02.10      AUD08.50         AUD10.00
126-250gm           3 to 4     AUD03.50     AUD08.50         AUD10.00
251-500gm           5 to 8     AUD05.60     AUD17.00          AUD20.00
Over 500gm         over 8            Parcel rates apply, contact us for a quote
Shipping rates for customers using the Shopping Cart
Total value of order                                                         USA, Canada, UK,
                                                                                            Europe, rest of world
             Up to AUD07.00                                                     AUD05.95
AUD07.01 – AUD14.00                                                      AUD10.00
AUD14.01 – AUD28.00                                                      AUD10.00
AUD28.01 – AUD56.00                                                     AUD20.00
Over AUD56.00                   Parcel rates apply, contact us for a quote
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