Lace Art Creations - Lace Originals by Lorraine Morison
About Us
Lorraine began painting in September 1999 on a whim, never having painted or drawn anything ever before, after being convinced by a craft shop saleslady that she could do folk art. Thereby began the journey, changing from a music teacher to a Folk Art teacher. Painting became a pastime, then a love and now a passion. She joined the Global Rosemaling Club and discovered the wonderful world of Rogaland, the Norwegian symmetrical style. The fine detail and control required to execute these designs led to the intricacy of lace painting.  Many competitions over the years have been entered, with an increasing number of prizes as skill and proficiency increased.
Loving to paint lace and unable to find enough patterns inevitably led to designing her own.  Lorraine has had many designs and patterns published in both the Australian Fine Art and Decorative Painting magazine (previously Australian Folk and Decorative Painting) and Country Craft and Decorating magazine.
 Now, Lorraine has her own website, offering her pattern packets to the public. She continues to design new pieces for both magazine publication and for pattern packets. She finds that a love of old fashioned and pretty things certainly helps and inspires her when it comes to designing lace patterns. 
Albion Park on the 
South Coast of NSW, Australia
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