Lace Art Creations - Lace Originals by Lorraine Morison

Welcome to Lace Art Creations!
        Home of Lace Painting
For those of you who love old fashioned things from days gone by, beauty, simple elegance, romantic journeys, I am hoping you will find all this and more in my designs and that you will be inspired to pick up a brush and paint your own heirlooms of tomorrow with my pattern packets.
All the patterns here will have painted lace on them, some floral, some with decoupage, some with cameos, some with fantasy designs, and others. 
Most of the designs shown here are also available for sale as painted pieces.  Please contact us for prices and shipping costs.
Do keep visiting the site, as we are adding more items as quickly as we can.

Angel policy.
To ensure that I protect all parties from the misuse of images, I have established an Angel Policy for you to adhere to when using my copyrighted designs. This policy protects the craft industry by ensuring that crafters who want to sell their handmade products can. It also protects my copyright, ensuring that I can continue to provide a wide range of innovations.
All the patterns which I supply are copyrighted. This means that they may not be copied without permission. To help protect the rights granted by these copyrights, each handcrafted item created for sale must be personally and individually made by the selling artist and may not be reproduced or copied by any means - including graphic, digital, electronic, mechanical or photocopying.
Mass production, assembly-line construction and production by workers for hire is strictly prohibited.
Handmade or handpainted projects may be sold at permanent retail locations, as well as temporary craft events, community fundraisers and over the Internet (excluding auction sites.) In selling handmade or handpainted projects the seller must make it clear that the items are handmade or personally created by the seller and not a product of the company.

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